Guldsmeden Hotels

Guldsmeden Hotels offer a unique eco luxury experience with strong focus on sustainability, including saving water and energy with Orbital Shower.

Guldsmeden Bryggen in central Copenhagen has 211 rooms decorated in their signature Nordics-meet-Bali style. All rooms are equipped with Orbital Shower.

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Sustainability is the core of Guldsmeden operations. No decision is made without having defined their sustainability angle first. Their goal is to offer guests a wonderful stay with as little negative environmental impact as possible.

"The reception get lots of comments about how cool it is that we, as a hotel, are also at the forefront when it comes to technical solutions for sustainability. Not to mention the comfort - everyone thinks it's fantastic that you can be environmentally smart while taking a really nice and warm shower."
Kirsten Aggersborg, PR & Communications Manager, Guldsmeden Hotels

211 rooms with Orbital Shower

The Orbital Shower has been a huge hit among Guldsmeden Hotels’ customers. All of the hotel’s sustainable thinkers, suppliers and professional contacts have wanted to see and experience them.

Today, most guests know and appreciate Guldsmeden Hotels’ sustainability efforts, especially since they don’t compromise on comfort. Orbital Shower fits this philosophy perfectly.

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