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Danish pension fund signs agreement with Orbital

Oct 31, 2023

The Danish pension fund Velliv has signed a framework agreement with Orbital. Orbital Shower will be an integral part of Velliv's upcoming real estate projects.

The Danish pension fund Velliv has signed a framework agreement with Orbital. It is the pension fund's property company Velliv Ejendomme that invests in making its property portfolio even more sustainable.

Velliv has been deeply involved in the green transition since long. The pension fund already focuses on circular construction and reuse of building materials in connection with renovation projects. Solar cells have also been installed on many of the properties.

The new framework agreement with Orbital means that Orbital's water-saving Orbital Shower will be included in Velliv's upcoming construction projects. By investing in more efficient use of water, the next step in the green transition is now being taken.

Orbital Shower cleans and recirculates the water, which makes it possible to enjoy long, nice showers and at the same time save water, energy and CO2. You can shower for as long as you want on just 15 - 20 liters, while a non-recirculating shower uses at least 100 liters. This way, up to 90% water and 80% energy is saved and CO2 emissions are reduced by 70% compared to a conventional shower.

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Oct 31, 2023

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