Spa- and fitness facilities

Maximize efficiency and savings in your spa & fitness facilities with Orbital's innovative solutions.

Quantifiable savings, sustainable success

Showers and taps play an essential role in spa & fitness settings, but they also represent a significant portion of water consumption. With Orbital Shower and Orbital Tap, you'll see tangible results that drastically reduce operational costs and environmental impact. The quantifiable benefits that come with Orbital will fast-track to your sustainability goals.

An enhanced, eco-conscious, premium experience

Beyond the numbers, Orbital offers a superior guest experience. Provide your visitors with luxurious features while staying true to your commitment to sustainability. With Orbital, your guests can enjoy the comfort they deserve, knowing they're contributing to water savings instead of wasting. Elevate your facilities with Orbital and create a wellness environment that both you and your guests deserve.

Savings calculator

Calculate how much you can save
How many showers per day?3
How long is you average shower?4 min


While we call it “Basic”, it’s far from it. This package includes the essentials for guilt-free, refreshing showers, introducing you to our world of innovation and comfort. The Orbital Shower package holds a luxurious shower head, a convenient hand shower, a flexible hose and diverter, a shower drain, and our signature Control Dial. Not to forget our unique Core technology, the heart of every Orbital Shower.

Energy savingsUp to 80%
Water savingsUp to 90%