Making the smarter

use of water possible.

We create solutions for saving water and energy, without compromising on quality or comfort.

Backed by prominent partners such as Amazon Alexa Fund and the European Investment Bank.


We’re about securing water for generations to come.


We’re here to make a difference. As leaders of change, we start in our homes by making each water appliance smarter and more efficient.

Leading today's change

for tomorrow's water


Mehrdad MahdjoubiIndustrial Designer and former guest lecturer at Stanford. Experience from NASA’s Johnson Space Center.Since 2012
Peter CarlssonFormer CPO and VP Supply Chain of Tesla. Founder and CEO of Northvolt.Since 2015
Björn LindbergFormer CCO of iZettle and former COO of Tradedoubler.Since 2019
Niklas ZennströmFounder and former CEO of Skype. Founder and Managing Partner of Atomico.Since 2012
Mårten ÖbrinkFounder and former CEO of Precise Biometrics and founder of Acconeer.Since 2014


Larry ToupsNASA Emeritus, led the Exploration Mission Systems Office and Future Habitat division.Since 2012
Claus-Christian EckhardtIndustrial Design Professor at Lund University. Previously at LG, Nokia, Omega, Siemens, Suunto, Whirlpool and others.Since 2012
Roberto MontiFormer board member at Inter IKEA. Former CEO of IKEA Europe.Since 2018
André BorouchakiFormer CTO of Danfoss and SVP Innovation of Schneider Electric.Since 2018
Steven BerkenfeldFormer MD at Barclay’s and former Chair of Sierra Club Foundation.Since 2020


Amazon Alexa Fund
Stena AB
European Investment Bank
Swedish Energy Agency
Investment AB Öresund
Polar Structure AB
Formica Ventures
Sandberg Development
and multiple family offices

Our journey


Orbital is founded, and subsequently joins start up incubator Minc in Malmö. 
Mehrdad receives the Green Mentorship Award from Skype founder Niklas Zennström.


The first Orbital Shower prototype gets installed. Orbital receives research funding from state and university.


Pre-seed round raised. SKAPA Award received for Sweden’s leading invention. 70 prototypes are manufactured and installed.


First seed round raised. Peter Carlsson (formerly of Tesla, now Northvolt) becomes a co-owner and board member. Edison Award received for one of the world's leading inventions.


Pre-production units installed across 18 countries and five continents. WWF Climate Solver Award received for significant climate impact potential.


Second seed round raised. Team expands to 50 people. Emirates Energy Award received.


Development start of the industrialized version of Orbital Shower. German Design Award received for “Excellent product design bath and wellness."


The European Investment Bank invests 15 million EUR to support Orbital's operations. By this time, Orbital has built a patent portfolio of over 100 patents.


Series A round raised. Official launch of the world’s first circular shower, the Orbital Shower.


Plus 1000 units are shipped to established partners such as Treehotel and Guldsmeden Hotels.


Series B round raised. Amazon’s Alexa Fund invests in Orbital. Official launch of world’s first circular tap, the Orbital Tap.


Orbital is showcased at the Amazon CES Experience Exhibition.