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Orbital is honored to be able to run an EU LIFE project between 2022-2026. The main objective of the LIFE REUSEWATER project is to demonstrate our water recycling technologies to widen consumer access to innovative water consumption solutions. In addition to saving significant amounts of water and energy, we hope that this will enable a paradigm shift, in the form of humanity breaking a thousand-year-old pattern of flushing toilets, taking a bath etc with Earth’s most precious resource, drinking water.

This project aims to combine Orbital technologies into one solution, the Orbital Bathroom and do pilot installations into three distinct pilot study settings in partnership with Guldsmeden hotels. Following the achievement of technical validation from this initial pilot installation, 30 Orbital Bathrooms will be installed in residential housing locations and off-grid ecotourism facilities.

These secondary installations will further commercially validate the Orbital Bathroom. The use of three distinct pilot study settings will achieve a sufficiently representative sample to validly extrapolate findings from the study. The goal of this project is to validate the functionality and acceptance of this solution on a larger scale with both product owners and users.

More info on the objectives and expected impact of the project.

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