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Save water and energy without compromising

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Träskåp med teknisk installation och handdukar

Orbital Shower offers you the highest water flow you can imagine, without wasting water

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Inside the Core sits all the components that clean, heat and recirculate the water

Where the magic happens

While you enjoy your long, luxurious showers, Orbital Shower is working in the background.

Svart behållare för golvbrunnFötter på duschgolv med vatten som flödar ner i golvbrunn

Quality check

Sensors in the shower drain analyse the water quality 20 times per second, deciding whether to recirculate water or not.

Exceptionally clean water

Water is purified by a filter capsule and a UV light, which gives you exceptionally clean water, cleaner than in any conventional shower.

Närbild på Orbital Shower CoreNärbild på Orbital Shower filterkapsel
Närbild på Orbital Shower genomströmningsberedareTräskåp med öppen dörr och Orbital Shower Core inuti

Temperature correction

The internal heater corrects the water to your desired temperature before it is recirculated in the system.

Save more water the longer you shower







5 min

10 min

15 min

20 min

How much you will save depends on your shower habits and bathroom design.

The diagram shows the correlation between shower duration and savings based on real shower sessions.

Save energy in the shower

When hot water is recirculated, large amounts of energy are saved, that is normally used to heat the water from cold.

Man som duschar med vi panel och handdusch på väggen

Orbital Shower

10 min ~ 1.5 kWh

Since the Orbital Shower recirculates hot water, you save energy on heating. During a 10-minute shower, only 1.5 kWh is used.

Conventional shower

10 min ~ 5 kWh

In a conventional shower, hot water is flushed straight into the drain, without preserving any heat. During a 10-minute shower, 5 kWh is used.

You are in charge

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Quality in every detail

Every component is created by our skilled industrial designers and crafted in Sweden with highest attention to detail.

Perfekt temperatur

Ställ in den temperatur som du älskar att duscha i. Orbital Shower håller exakt den temperatur du önskar under hela din dusch.

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Large rain shower head

A generous rain shower head gives you all the water you could ever wish for, without any unnecessary waste.

Good to know

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Frequent and long showers save more

If you shower often you will save more water and energy. But it is also about how long you shower. The longer you shower, the more water will be recirculated. This in turn means that more water and energy is saved.

Sandfärgat duschrum med golvbrunn glasvägg och duschsland

Floor heating and walls

With floor heating installed and walls around the shower area, the hot water will lose less heat on its way through the system. Orbital Shower then needs less energy to re-heat water to the correct temperature. This results in a higher level of recirculation, saving more water and energy.

Fönster med kanna, tvättsvamp och tvålflaskor

Save more with fewer products

The amount of water that is being recirculated depends on how many products are used while showering. When you wash off products like schampoo, conditioner or soap the recirculation will pause and the shower refills with fresh water.