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Invisible HiFi sound system in the shower

Nov 12, 2021

Now you can listen to the news, your own favorite music, a pod or audiobook while taking a long, comfortable shower and at the same time save both water and energy.

Sure, there are waterproof little speakers that you can bring into the shower and even attach to the wall. But we are launching something completely different – Orbital Audio is a high-quality sound system built into the shower wall. It consists of an Exciter speaker that is invisible to the eye and a built-in DSP box that is the secret of the superior sound quality.

Exciter speakers use the wall as a membrane

So what is an Exciter speaker and a DSP box? For the music geek, it's not new, it's technology that has been around for a while and enables completely new solutions for integrated sound systems with the highest sound quality. However, the technology is quite complicated, which is why expertise is required to handle it correctly. Which we have at Orbital - our own audio engineer Markus Friberg.

- An Exciter is basically a conventional speaker element, but with the difference that it lacks a membrane. Instead, it uses the surface it is attached to as a membrane to spread the sound, says Markus Friberg.

Exciter speakers have been around for a while now and are easy to get hold of for anyone. It is a smart and increasingly popular solution when you want to hide the sound source in different environments instead of installing bulky and often unsightly speakers of a traditional design.

The DSP box provides the high sound quality

The secret to the great sound in Orbital Audio is not the Exciter however, but the way we process the sound signals to produce a sound quality that even impresses the die-hard HiFi geeks. With long experience in developing professional audio- systems, Markus has applied his knowledge to produce a self-developed DSP box for Orbital Audio. DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor and is an electronic box that does just that – processes the audio signals digitally.

Man with black box in hand in front of Orbital logo

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Nov 12, 2021

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