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Orbital awarded EU LIFE grant for innovative LIFE ReUseWATER project

Mar 10, 2023

Orbital is honored to announce its receipt of the highly selective EU LIFE grant, a distinction that reinforces the company's commitment to advancing sustainability and technological innovation. Armed with this prestigious endorsement, the company is pleased to introduce the transformative LIFE ReUseWATER project, designed to significantly improve sustainable water consumption practices.

Central to the LIFE ReUseWATER project is the notion of reusing water, as opposed to merely reducing its consumption. Orbital's groundbreaking solution is poised to challenge and evolve traditional water usage behaviors, thereby minimizing reliance on Earth's finite freshwater resources.

A key feature of the Orbital Bathroom is its patented technology which leverages advanced water sensors and multi-level purification mechanisms which can achieve substantial resource savings without compromising the comfort of the user. Specifically, the Orbital Bathroom reduces water consumption in showers up to 90% and recycles up to 100% of tap water for reuse in toilet flushing. Furthermore, it stands as a milestone in energy efficiency, diminishing the energy required for water heating in showers by up to 80%.

In partnership with the award-winning hotel, Guldsmeden, Orbital will be refining and applying this technology in practical environments. This collaboration is the starting point for broader implementation, initially targeting the Nordic markets before extending its reach to the greater European landscape.

- Receiving the EU LIFE grant underscores our commitment to changing the way we interact with our most precious resource. The LIFE ReUseWATER project is accelerating us towards a more sustainable future, affirms Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, CEO of Orbital Systems.

In alignment with the ambitious objectives set by the European Green Deal and other global sustainability initiatives, the LIFE ReUseWATER project embodies Orbital's unwavering resolve to pioneer transformative change.

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Mar 10, 2023

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