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Sustainable accommodation at The Inn

Jun 22, 2021

In the middle of the Bokskogen nature reserve, the Bokskogen Golf Club has renovated two historic buildings, one from the 1860s, to create The Inn at Bokskogen.

The houses' beautiful stone walls and genuine thatched roofs have been preserved, and therefore it was natural that the rest of the renovation should also be made as sustainable as possible. Thomas Ahlberg, CEO at Bokskogens Golfklubb, explains why they chose to install the Orbital Shower.

What were the challenges of renovating buildings over one hundred and fifty years old?

- When a renovation of such an old house is to be carried out, you have to be prepared for a little detective work. There were no blueprints saved and we didn't really know where all the wires and pipes we needed to access were installed. Through the course of work, we therefore chose to film and document every step in order to save for the future so we can go back and check if necessary, says Thomas.

- The building is culturally marked, which means that before renovation the house is culturally assessed to find out what types of renovations may be done and what appearance the house may have in order to preserve the character of the building. For example, the oldest house has always had a thatched roof and then it must still be there after the renovation, continues Thomas.

Bedroom with blue chairs and 2 windows

How did the Orbital Shower fit into the old houses?

- Even though they are old historic houses that have been renovated, they are top-notch on the inside. Many people choose Bokskogens Golfklubb because it is located in such a unique and beautiful natural area. This makes it a matter of course for us to protect nature and the environment. The choice of Orbital Systems thus became natural. In addition to the showers, we also have a rainwater tank, solar panels and robotic lawnmowers. Through all our environmental choices, we save a lot of water and can be more energy efficient in our sustainable living, explains Thomas.

Golf fairway with trees on the side

What do visitors think about Orbital Shower?

- Everyone who visits The Inn at Bokskogen is very surprised when they step inside, they don't expect it to be so modern, and for many it is a positive experience when they get to use it for the first time. In one of the rooms, we saved part of an old chimney where an Orbital Shower is now installed, which many people remember after the visit, says Thomas with a smile.

Orbital Shower panel white

How do you book a room at The Inn at Bokskogen?

- The Inn at Bokskogens is open to everyone. Companies, hikers, golfers or for those who want a private party with an overnight stay. We also offer a large terrace with a barbecue at the back, where it has become popular to order food and ingredients from the restaurant, which the visitors then barbecue themselves, concludes Thomas.

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Jun 22, 2021

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