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The Orbital Shower - the talk of the town

Sep 27, 2021

For Guldsmeden hotels, Orbital Shower was a natural choice at an early stage. The hotel chain's "urban eco resort" concept docked perfectly with Orbital Shower's uncompromising approach to comfort combined with sustainability.

Orbital Shower was first installed at Guldsmeden Axel in Copenhagen. After the warm reception of the hotel's guests, Guldsmeden has chosen Orbital Shower for several more of their hotels.

Pioneers in ecological hospitality

Guldsmeden is a hotel chain founded in 1999 in Aarhus, Denmark by Sandra and Marc Weinert. When they created the concept, they let their own values completely guide the design. With a preference for sustainable natural materials and a passion for ecology and a healthy lifestyle, the couple created a unique concept from the start. This was something that came naturally to them and was in no way a conscious marketing strategy.

A bit into the 2000s, Gulsmeden Hotel served almost exclusively organic food, long before other players started to wake up. It was not until 2009 that other companies began to realize the value of profiling themselves in a more sustainable and ecological way. At this point, tGuldsmeden began to realize that they had created a concept that was both unique and right at the time, which they should start using more focused in their marketing.

Bathroom with green tiles and whiteshower

Orbital Shows a natural choice

With the goal of becoming the most sustainable player in the hotel industry, they began to look at how they could introduce even more environmentally smart solutions in their hotels. One of these, which caught on immediately, was the Orbital Shower, a circular shower system that saves up to 90% water and up to 80% energy. In addition to the savings, it was the high level of comfort that felt right - it docked perfectly with Guldsmeden's own ambition to offer a sustainable experience without compromising quality or comfort in any way.

Already in 2018, 8 Orbital Showers were installed at Hotel Axel in Copenhagen. They save an average of 42-65 liters of water and use 55-57% less energy than a regular shower.

Hotel room with double bed

The guests love the high comfort

In addition to the showers saving water and energy, they have also become part of the hotel chain's marketing and a real talking point among the guests.

- There is probably no guest who does not react positively. The reception receives lots of comments about how cool it is that we, as a hotel, are also at the forefront when it comes to technical solutions on the environmental front. Not to mention the comfort - everyone thinks it's fantastic that you can be environmentally smart while taking a really nice and warm shower, says Kirsten Aggersborg, PR and Communications Manager, Guldsmeden Hotels.

Today, Guldsmeden has hotels in several Northern European capitals, on the French Riviera as well as in Aarhus, where it once began on Guldsmedsgatan, which gave the hotels their name. During the pandemic, Guldsmeden, just like other hotels, has had a very tough time. Copenhagen's 5 Guldsmeden hotels have been completely closed for a period and have recently begun to take turns being open. But one of the flagships will soon reopen - Guldsmeden Bryggen on Iceland's wharf, which has several rooms with Orbital showers installed.

- When we saw how well Orbital Showers were received by our guests at Hotel Axel, it was obvious that we wanted to take this on to more of our hotels, concludes Kirsten Aggersborg PR and Communications Manager, Guldsmeden Hotels.

Hotel lobby with colourful lamps and leather furniture

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Sep 27, 2021

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