Reinventing showers

Save water and energy without compromise

Just the way you like it

The Control Dial lets you set the exact temperature and water pressure you love. It even keeps you up to speed with the Orbital Shower performance and how much water you saved.

Large rain shower head

A generous rain shower head gives you all the water you could ever wish for, without any unnecessary waste.

Quality in every detail

Every component is created by our skilled industrial designers and crafted in Sweden with highest attention to detail.

Customer case B2B

Exclusive boutique hotel in the heart of Malmö

Explore case

Customer case B2B

Exclusive boutique hotel in the heart of Malmö

Explore case

Customer case B2B

Exclusive boutique hotel in the heart of Malmö

Explore case

Now accepting U.S. reservations

Where the magic happens

While you enjoy your long, luxurious showers, your Orbital Shower Core is working in the background. The system analyzes, purifies, heats and recirculates the water. It all happens in real time, so you will not notice any difference from your conventional shower.

Quality check

Sensors in the shower drain analyse the water quality 20 times per second, deciding whether to recirculate water or not.


Water is purified by a filter capsule and a UV light, which gives you exceptionally clean water.

Temperature correction

The internal heater corrects the water to your desired temperature before it is recirculated in the system.

Save more water the longer you shower

Water savings







5 min

10 min

15 min

20 min

How much you will save depends on your shower habits and bathroom design.

The diagram shows the correlation between shower duration and savings from real shower sessions.

Stay in touch with your shower

“Alexa, shower time!”

With Alexa, you can start and end your shower, control temperature and check how much water you have saved.

My Water App

Orbital’s My Water app allows you to make personal settings and gives you an overview of your water savings over time.

Orbital Shower fits into all bathrooms

Smart and minimalistic

Placing the Orbital Shower Core in a cupboard outside the shower space gives you a practical and stylish solution.

Classic panel look

A panel installation gives you the signature look of Orbital Shower. The Core is placed behind a panel in the color of your choice.

Plug-n-play solution

With Orbital Shower Retrofit you can start saving water and energy in your existing bathroom. A smart and straightforward plug-n-play solution.

Reserve your
Orbital Shower

Reserve now and choose your specific design before it ships.

The Orbital Shower package includes a shower head, hand shower, hose and diverter, shower drain, Control Dial and our unique Core technology.

Now accepting U.S. reservations

Frequently asked questions

When will Orbital Shower be available in the U.S.?

Deliveries are planned to begin in late 2023. We are already accepting reservations for the U.S. You can reserve your Orbital Shower online,

Is the Orbital Shower approved for sale in the U.S.?

Yes. The Orbital Shower is compliant with both UL and other relevant standards. The Orbital Shower has also been approved by IAPMO under the standard for recirculating shower systems, IGC-330.

What colors and finishes will be available?

Matte White, Matte black, Chrome, Brushed steel and Brass.

What is included when I buy an Orbital Shower?
  • Rain shower head
  • Hand shower
  • Diverter
  • Shower drain
  • Control Dial
  • Core
  • Hi-Fi speaker (optional)

In addition, each shower system comes with specific installation components.

What is Orbital Tap?

Orbital Tap is the next Orbital solution for preventing water waste in your home. Orbital Tap saves up to 100% of the water from your bathroom tap and reuses it for flushing the toilet. Orbital Tap is set for launch in early 2023.