Orbital Shower

The end of water waste.

About Orbital Shower

Orbital Shower, the smart way of using our water on earth, where comfort meets sustainability in a seamless fusion of technology and design. These showers represent a paradigm shift in the way we think about water consumption and energy efficiency without compromising on comfort or style.

Product specification

ModesEarth / Moon / Mars
Flow7-12 liters / min
Design that lasts a long time.Durable and long-lasting materials, in matte white, black finish, stainless steel, chrome and brass.

Reinventing showers

We know there is a better way to use water. With cutting-edge technology, we cut back water usage by up to 90% and save energy by up to 80%, all while changing the way we think about quality and comfort during a shower. Orbital Shower offers unbeatable comfort, smart savings on energy costs, and a chance to make a difference in water conservation. Consumers get the best experience while contributing to a better world. It's a win-win situation.

Savings calculator

Calculate how much you can save
How many showers per day?3
How long is your average shower?4 min

Quality in every detail

Details that matter. Every component is created by our skilled industrial designers and crafted in Sweden with the highest attention to detail.

"Alexa, shower time"

Smart home compatible Integrated Hi-Fi speaker. Now you can listen to the news, your own favorite music, a pod or audiobook.
"Cool to see how much one saves and to start the shower from bed, so it's warm and cozy when stepping in."Johan Tengen – Orbital Shower user
"I tell everyone who's getting a new bathroom done. You MUST consider it."Peter Livoni – Orbital Shower user
"A solution like this should not be overlooked when it comes to getting something new."Jacob Rosenkrans – Orbital Shower user
"The idea that we can save water while still enjoying long and comfortable showers. We have downsized our electric hot water tank to just 56 liters, and we never run out."Nikolaj Stavnskær – Orbital Shower user
"We save water and energy without having to give up the luxury of a warm, comfortable shower."Mikael Lindqvist – Orbital Shower user


While we call it “Basic,” it’s far from it. This package includes the essentials for guilt-free, refreshing showers, introducing you to our world of innovation and comfort. The Orbital Shower package includes a shower drain, our Control Dial Light, and, of course, our unique Core technology, the heart of every Orbital Shower. Configure it with your preferred add-ons.

Energy savingsUp to 80%
Water savingsUp to 90%

Choose your savings

Our different modes help you balance comfort and savings. Just one touch away with the Control Dial.

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10 year warranty

Orbital's Care Plan gives you full warranty and peace of mind.

Start your shower from bed

Control your Orbital with My Water App. Personalize your settings and track your water- and energy savings over time.