How Tap Works

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How it works

Orbital Tap is an innovative water-saving installment designed to efficiently manage and reuse water resources. It saves up to 100% of water used in the sink, to then reuse it for toilet flushing. Easily installed and good for your water efficiency, Orbital Tap does good deeds for the planet, for yourself, and for your economy.

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Choose your Faucet

Select any faucet of your choice from Orbital or a third-party provider, just like you normally would.

Fresh Mesh filtering

As you use the faucet, the water flows through a fresh mesh filter. This mesh filter has a 1-micron rating, ensuring thorough filtration of impurities.

Water storage and treatment

The filtered water is directed into the Orbital Tank for storage. This tank has a capacity of up to 4 liters and incorporates UV treatment to ensure the water remains clean and safe for reuse. An overflow prevention mechanism is in place to safeguard against spills. Any excess water beyond the 4-liter capacity is diverted to the drainage system as regular wastewater.

Pump system

A pump within the Orbital Tank system facilitates the transfer of water from the tank to the toilet. This system operates passively, meaning it automatically activates when needed. When the toilet tank is empty, the pump automatically replenishes it with more water from the Orbital Tank.

Automatic reuse

The next time you flush the toilet, the water from the Orbital Tank is utilized. This process ensures that every flush conserves water, regardless of the type of toilet being used.

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Smart use of our water on Earth

Fresh water is already in short supply in many areas - including our part of the world. Soon the demand for water will be significantly greater than the supply

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