Orbital delivers globally, now open to all continents

27 juni 2024

Malmö, Sweden.We're excited to announce that Orbital is now expanding worldwide. This marks a huge step in our mission to provide sustainable water solutions everywhere.

So far, our focus has mainly been on the Swedish and Danish markets. Now, we’re reaching further and successfully delivering to customers in the USA, Southern Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

Our innovative products aim to change how water is used in homes and businesses by reducing consumption without sacrificing comfort. Our eco-friendly systems are designed for high efficiency and a superior experience.

What can you expect with our global launch?

Save Water, Keep Comfort: Our top products, including shower systems and taps, are designed to maximize water efficiency.

Customer Support: Dedicated teams are ready to help with installation, maintenance, and inquiries for a smooth experience.

Tailored Solutions: Custom options meet specific regional needs and preferences.

Orbital is committed to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our global expansion shows our dedication to making a positive environmental impact and providing top-quality water solutions everywhere.

Design and order your Orbital today.

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