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The DUXIANA makes a new venture with Orbital

Aug 19, 2022

The DUXIANA reopened this spring after a thorough renovation that was done to create a completely new hotel and restaurant concept with the ambition to become a melting pot on Malmö's social scene.

Today, the hotel houses 19 uniquely furnished rooms, which of course have both DUX beds and DUX furniture, but also other design classics.

Comfort, quality and sustainability

As part of The DUXIANA's sustainability strategy, the hotel has installed the Orbital Shower complete with Orbital Audio, which allows hotel guests to enjoy their favorite music through Orbital's built-in sound system.

Charlotte Ljung is the CEO of The DUXIANA and also runs the entire DUX group together with her brothers, who are the fourth generation DUX owners. The hotel manager is Maria Putak, formerly of Boulebar Malmö, with long and solid experience in the hotel industry.

The majority of major collaborations, events and performances are also planned to reflect the ambition to become a melting pot in social life. And everything that is planned and implemented has a clear focus on creativity and sustainability.

Orbital Shower Control Dial med logotyp på vitt kakel

Sustainability the next challenge for the hotel industry

Sustainability is one of the keywords for The DUXIANA. It is also a natural development that takes place within the entire hotel industry. After the steel bath that hospitality went through during the pandemic, sustainability is the next challenge for the business.

Most companies have cut back on business travel, but now they are also starting to make significantly stricter demands on sustainability for the business trips that are actually carried out. And it's not just about more environmentally friendly travel, we will see significantly higher requirements for business hotels to have a plan for sustainability and be able to show that they are actively working to become CO2 neutral.

Hotel room with glass doors bed sofa coffee table and armchair

Orbital Shower - a luxurious and sustainable experience

In the wake of this development, we see a clear increase in interest in Orbital's water and energy saving solutions. Not only because Orbital Shower saves water and energy and contributes to a clear sustainability profile for the hotel industry, but also because Orbital never compromises on the high level of comfort and quality that travellers expect when they check into a hotel.

- Staying overnight in a hotel is so much more than eating and sleeping. Comfort and convenience are not about the practical details of the stay itself. The overall experience of the hotel room is what counts, and what guests usually highlight at the top of their wish list is a really comfortable bed and a shower with a luxurious feel, states Christian Kirkegaard, Water Evangelist at Orbital.

Besides the sustainability aspect and the fact that the Orbital Shower reduces the hotel's costs for hot water and energy, it is a matter of profiling for Orbital's hotel customers.

Orbital Shower diverter in chrome with logo on

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Aug 19, 2022

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