Technology for highest comfort. Top your sustainability standard, boost your bottom line.

Redefining Hospitality

Sustainable hospitality has evolved from a mere perk to a fundamental expectation. With Orbital’s innovative water-saving products, hotels will elevate their guest experience while dramatically reducing their environmental footprint and operating costs.

Profitability through sustainability

We don’t see sustainability as an enemy of profitability, but rather as complementary forces driving success in the business of modern hospitality. Get in touch if you want to know more about how Orbital’s water-saving products can revolutionize your hotel's sustainability efforts while boosting your bottom line.

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How many showers per day?3
How long is you average shower?4 min
"Our vision is for Miss Clara to become the most sustainable hotel in the Nordics. Orbital Shower was a natural choice on the journey towards that goal." Victor Bohlin — Hotel Manager, Miss Clara
"All the guests think it's fantastic that you can be environmentally smart while taking a really nice and warm shower."Kirsten Aggersborg — Communications Manager, Guldsmeden Hotels
"Our business guests, that are often on the move, want to be comfortable when staying at a hotel. It has become increasingly important for them to stay sustainable even outside their home. With Orbital our guests feel they can contribute by saving water and energy."Linn Vislie — Hotel Manager, Hotel Berns
"When rebuilding, we kept our target group in mind. They expect a premium experience whilst caring about quality and sustainability. That's why we thought Orbital Shower was a great fit."Eric Borg & Jörgen Drugge — Loggers Lodge
“We chose Orbital Shower as part of our vision to bring The Duxiana to the next level. Our guests are high maintenance both regarding quality and sustainability, and taking this step resonates well with our strive for constant improvements in becoming even more sustainable.”Charlotte Ljung — CEO The Duxiana


While we call it “Basic”, it’s far from it. This package includes the essentials for guilt-free, refreshing showers, introducing you to our world of innovation and comfort. The Orbital Shower package holds a luxurious shower head, a convenient hand shower, a flexible hose and diverter, a shower drain, and our signature Control Dial. Not to forget our unique Core technology, the heart of every Orbital Shower.

Energy savingsUp to 80%
Water savingsUp to 90%

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