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Sturebadet chooses Orbital Shower

Dec 14, 2021

Sturebadet is a well-known institution for both Stockholmers and rural residents, whether you have visited the bath or just heard about it and have seen pictures of the beautiful premises.

Today, Sturebadet combines its ancient history with constantly developing and modernizing the business. It now houses both an advanced training facility with a doctor's office, health care and a well-reputed restaurant.

Sturebadet of today is a modern spa housed in classic premises. It was founded as early as 1885 by the physician and Renaissance man Carl Curman. His goal was to create a business that could contribute to better health for the people in Stockholm through exercise and different types of bathing. Over the years, Sturebadet has been visited by royalties as well as common people.

The strategy to constantly develop also includes a clear focus on sustainability. This spring, Sturebadet will take another big step in its sustainability efforts when Orbital Showers will be installed at the classic facility at Stureplan. A step that means that you will be able to save up to 90% water and 80% energy compared to what is used in conventional showers.

- It feels completely natural for us to take this step in our continued sustainability work. As the foundation of our business revolves around water in particular, we welcome smart innovations such as Orbital Shower with open arms, says Johan Åkerlund, Head of Sales & Operations, at Sturebadet AB.

Sturebadet will thus be able to save millions of liters of water per year with the help of Orbital Shower, while increasing the comfort of its members and guests with the help of the modern technology that comes with Orbital System's smart shower.

- It feels very good that one of Sweden's most prestigious and respected bathing establishments are leading the way in making a difference in their use of water. It shows that traditions can live on while we use nature's resources in a smarter way, says Peter Bixe, VP Commercial, Orbital.

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Dec 14, 2021

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