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Daniel Berlin chooses Orbital Shower

Sep 12, 2023

Daniel Berlin's next chapter is being written in Österlen. Here, his new destination "Vyn" has pre-opened with a drop-in wine and food bar during the summer. On October 25, the restaurant opens with an associated boutique hotel where the Orbital Shower is part of the experience.

Daniel Berlin's new restaurant is located in Österlen, near Brantevik. The restaurant will be able to accommodate around 30 dinner guests who will be offered a tasting menu of 14-16 servings. The hotel welcomes long-distance guests to stay overnight in 15 hotel rooms, and enjoy long, pleasant showers in the Orbital Shower while saving water and energy.

Barn with beams and windows

With its beautiful surroundings, Vyn will invite you to a peaceful experience where overnight stays is a new part of the concept, compared to Berlin's previous restaurant in Skåne-Tranås.

Seasonal ingredients from own plantations

The kitchen is based on seasonal ingredients with roots in Skåne and Scandinavia. Vyn also has a large area where cultivations are in the making to supply the kitchen with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

Discover Vyn here>>

View of sea with houses and trees in the foreground

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Sep 12, 2023

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