Berns Hotel

Berns is the establishment that has been at the center of Stockholm's entertainment for more than 150 years. In addition to concerts, a nightclub, a restaurant and a multitude of events, Berns also houses an exclusive boutique hotel in its beautiful premises. There are 81 individually furnished hotel rooms with an intimate feel.

View from above of restaurant with crystal chandeliers
Hotel room with bed and painting on the wall

At Berns you are met by historic architecture with majestic proportions. Here at Berzelii park in the middle of Stockholm's epicenter, world artists and revelers have gathered since 1863. Today, Berns is run by Stureplansgruppen and it profiles itself both through its social responsibility and a clear focus on the environment and sustainability. And that's where Orbital Shower comes into play.

Shower room with gray marble walls and white shower

Green Keys international environmental label

Green Key is an international environmental label for visitor and tourist facilities in over 50 countries around the world. By following the comprehensive criteria, Berns has been awarded the Green Key label. Thanks to this, Bern's guests contribute to taking responsibility for the environment without compromising on comfort.

Luxurious gray marble in harmony with Orbital Shower in matte white design.

Linn Vislie, Hotel Manager Berns
"Our contract guests, who are often on the move, want to be comfortable when staying at a hotel. But it has also become increasingly important for them to be able to contribute even when they are not at home. Orbital Shower fulfills an important function in that our guests feel they can contribute by saving water and energy."

Linn Vislie, Hotel Manager Berns

Berns works long-term with small improvements that produce big results over a long period of time. You have 4 clear focus areas in your work; Sustainable thinking for food and food waste, waste and source sorting, energy and transport and conscious choice of suppliers.

White shower head spraying water on gray stone wall

In addition to the exclusive environment and a clear focus on the environment and sustainability, Berns Hotel of course has everything a hotel guest could dream of: Concierge, room service around the clock, a fully equipped gym and private massage.

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