Orbital Tap.

The intuitive, circular tap system.

Tap into a new standard.

Orbital Tap saves up to 100% of the water used in the sink and purifies it before it's reused to flush the toilet. Easily installed and good for your water efficiency. Orbital Tap does good deeds for the planet, for yourself, and for your economy. Like all Orbital products, it seamlessly integrates with the Control Dial and our App and offers various presets and customizations. Orbital's My Water App makes it easy for you to monitor your savings over time.

Timeless design that lasts.Durable, long-lasting materials, in matte white or black finish.

Feel and hear the difference

Orbital Tap’s laminar flow produces a clear and quiet water stream. The internal digital mixer adjusts the water to your desired temperature. Whether you like it hot or cold, it is always at the perfect degree.

Product specification

PresetsHand wash / Hot water / Cold water
Flow1-7 liters / min

Quality in every detail

Details that matter.Every component is created by our skilled industrial designers and crafted in Sweden with highest attention to detail.


5000 liters saved in a year.Take your time, leave no drop behind. All will be reused on your next sit-down.

Savings calculator

Calculate how much you can save
How many users per day?3
How many weakly usages?4 Days

Full experience

Orbital Tap includes our faucet, mixer, Control Dial and Orbital Tank. This gives your bathroom a smarter touch while saving water.

Water savingsUp to 100%
Multiple presets availableOne swipe away

How Tap works

Keep your habits and start saving today. Learn more about the technology behind Tap.

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Smart use of our water on Earth

Fresh water is already in short supply in many areas - including our part of the world. Soon the demand for water will be significantly greater than the supply.

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My Water App

Control your Orbital with My Water App. Personalize your settings and track your water - and energy savings over time.