The Bohman-Wiger family

The Bohman-Wiger family has just bought their first home and gone from two people to a small family of three. They already knew that the bathrooms needed renovation before moving in.

Man riding a mountain bike in the forest
Black shower on white tiles in shower room with bookshelf outside

The white tiles and matte black shower contrast nicely. The Orbital Shower Core Unit has been placed outside the shower area, creating a clean and stylish look.

Bathroom with white tiles and black shower with bookshelf outside

Clean and stylish

The family bought a classic turn-of-the-century house built in 1909. It simply didn't feel right to renovate the bathroom to a modern style, so they chose classic tiles in white with partially painted walls.

Mathias Bohman, Sweden
"Choosing an Orbital Shower was a no-brainer. I exercise a lot, so I also shower a lot. I can easily take 2-3 showers a day: in the morning before a meeting, at lunch after exercising and in the evening after exercising again. We can save many gallons of water with an Orbital Shower.”

Mathias Bohman, Sweden

Mathias is currently working on a new company project that focuses on "impact investment." Through the company, it would be possible to invest in water rights. It is a commercial company, but one of the goals is to protect natural water sources around the world.

“In recent years, I have increasingly become involved in water rights. I want to contribute to naturally purified drinking water becoming an actual human right,” says Mathias.

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