The Elm family

Jim and Elisabeth Elm's favorite place is a cabin in the middle of the woods. Thanks to their Orbital Shower, they can now take long, comfortable showers without running out of water.

Wooden house with grass and forest around
White Orbital Shower glass walls gray tiles and green plant

Jim and Elisabeth’s cabin is relatively isolated without access to municipal water, so they share a well with two neighbors. During the summer, drought sometimes causes problems as the water can dry up completely due to low groundwater levels. Showering for longer than three minutes was basically impossible before they installed an Orbital Shower.

Shower room with white shower shower walls and green plants in window

Saving water and energy

The Orbital Shower measures water quality in real time. Water that is clean enough is purified and then recirculated, so you can enjoy long, warm showers with minimal water consumption. At the same time you save energy by reusing the already heated water.

Elisabeth and Jim Elm, Örkelljunga
“We must admit that we were a bit skeptical at first. Maybe it was too good to be true? But Orbital Shower has quickly lived up to all our expectations. We can take long, comfortable showers without worrying, and several family members can shower after each other without the risk of the well running dry."

Elisabeth and Jim Elm, Örkelljunga

Jim and Elisabeth discovered Orbital Shower by chance when it was featured on the news. It became the obvious choice for them since there were no alternative solutions to their water problems. The fact that their costs decreased was a positive side effect to their water shortage challenges being solved.

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