The Tengen family

In a carefully renovated villa from the 1920s, the Tengen family has gone from bathtub to a shower room with Orbital Shower. It has created an interesting mix between the old house and the modern spa feeling in the bathroom.

Washbasin with chest of drawers and soap dispenser
Black shower head on sand colored wall

The family consists of Johan and Caroline, their two children in their lower teens and the dog Saga. With active schedules for all family members, showering is a central part of everyday life. Previously, the bathroom housed a bathtub, but now bathing is over, after installing an Orbital Shower.

- I have known about Orbital for quite some time now, so it was natural for me to choose Orbital Shower when we renovated the bathroom, because I am very interested in new technology, says Johan.

Bathroom with sink and mirror where shower is visible

The teenagers love the spa feeling

The new bathroom is built where there used to be an old and rather small kitchen. Now the space has been transformed into a modern shower room with a sober interior created from solid materials. The family has chosen gray tiles on the walls and floor and a classic chest of drawers that holds everything you need. The old slatted windows form a nice contrast and the view towards the verdant garden is pure luxury to rest your eyes on while enjoying a long shower. Especially the teenagers love the spa feeling in their new bathroom.

Johan Tengen
"We chose the Orbital Shower Panel because we want it to  show clearly that this is no ordinary shower."

Johan Tengen

Johan Tengen works with property valuation himself, and therefore has a good insight into what contributes to increased value of properties. When energy prices skyrocket and water shortages more and more frequently cause to irrigation bans, the Orbital Shower is part of the solution, but also an economic factor that increases the value of a private villa.

White house with stairs, lawn and trees

The fifth member of the family, the dog Saga, also appreciates the Orbital Shower when she needs to wash off the dust from a long walk. It is perfectly possible to shower a dirty dog in  Orbital Shower as well, provided that the recycling is turned off.

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