The Smith Family

Josef and Katrin Smith live in a stylishly renovated 70s villa. Under the villa's pitched roof, they have created their dream bathroom with Orbital Shower.

Blue sofa and wooden table in front of window
Black shower in bathroom with slanted ceiling

Katrin loves to take long, warm showers, but both she and Josef are also aware that it is not sustainable to use a lot of hot water. Katrin discovered Orbital Shower when they decided it was time to renovate the bathroom.

Shower with bench and glass wall under pitched roof

Optimal recirculation

Their bathroom is designed in a way that gives the Orbital Shower optimal possibilities to recirculate and save both water and energy. Floor heating, a closed shower area, and a glass door means that the water loses minimal heat on its recirculation journey.

The interior of their bathroom is inspired by a traditional Roman technique called "stucco lustro".

Josef Smith, Sweden
"We immediately thought that Orbital Shower was an interesting alternative. Imagine being able to shower as long as you want without flushing hot water straight down the drain, and at the same time saving energy."

Josef Smith, Sweden

The Smiths chose to install the Orbital Shower Hatch version. This means that the shower's Core is located outside the wet area, in this case in an adjacent closet.

Josef and Katrin already have two new projects underway: they will install solar panels and a get a fireplace in the living room. Their goal is to have a more independent and sustainable heat and energy supply at a significantly lower cost.

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