Loggers Lodge

Right in the middle of the midnight sun and the northern lights you will find Harads, a small village that offers several exciting destinations. One of them is Loggers Lodge, a dream for nature lovers with a preference for the private and exclusive.

Set table and chairs in front of window
Bed with bedside table bedside lamp and wooden ladder next to it

Loggers Lodge consists of a cabin with a hotel room, a spa with glass-enclosed sauna, an outdoor pool and a separate glass building with an extra bedroom. The interior is suitably rustic matching it's surroundings, which stands in interesting contrast to the high tech products that have been chosen. Loggers Lodge's guests are also served first-class meals based on local ingredients, all with a sustainable profile.

Illuminated spa in snowy landscape with trees

Home for raftsmen

Loggers Lodge was originally built in the late 1800s as a temporary home for hard-working raftsmen as they transported logs down the river to sawmills on the coast. Today, the cottage are decorated with well-known Swedish design classics and a large glass-enclosed fireplace as the center piece of the room.

The glass-enclosed sauna glows invitingly to the guests.

Eric Borg and Jörgen Drugge, Loggers Lodge
"When we set out to rebuild, we knew that we have a very exclusive target group who are at the same time aware of and care about both quality and sustainability. That's why we thought the Orbital Shower was a great fit for Loggers Lodge."

Eric Borg and Jörgen Drugge, Loggers Lodge

The bathroom is spacious and luxuriously furnished with black granite and oak paneling. It is a room that breathes both quality and durability, a consistent theme throughout Loggers Lodge.

Bathroom with two mirrors and two sinks

Orbital Shower in matt black design matches the rustic expression of the marble wall and the stylish glass walls.

Photography: Tanveer Badal

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