Miss Clara by Nobis

With genuine materials and focus on preserving the typical of the time, an oasis has been created in the epicenter of Stockholm. Sustainability is one of the guiding lights and the reason why Orbital Shower has been chosen for several of the hotel rooms.

Table with chairs and ceiling lamp and ballet painting on the wall
Double bed with black bedside lamps

Miss Clara has been designed together with well known Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh. The building has been renovated and furnished in a way that takes advantage of the house's own possibilities and period style. Sustainable material choices and intuitive and clear functions have been important in creating this exclusive boutique hotel.

Bathroom door with toilet and shower visible

Frosted glass creates a spacious feeling

The bathrooms are decorated in the same muted color scheme as all other other rooms, with shades of brown and marble in contrast to  white tiles. Frosted glass helps to bring in daylight, which gives a beautiful glow and spacious impression.

Orbital Shower in matte white design matches the interior decoration of the bathroom.

Victor Bohlin, Hotel Manager Miss Clara
"Our vision is for Miss Clara to become the most sustainable hotel in the Nordics. Orbital Shower was a natural choice on the journey towards that goal."

Victor Bohlin, Hotel Manager Miss Clara

Since Miss Clara already had recently built the bathrooms, the choice fell on the Orbital Shower Retrofit, which can be installed inside an already existing waterproofing layer. This makes it possible to start saving water and energy in the bathroom without having to go through a complete renovation.

Sink and round bathroom mirror on white tiled wall


Miss Clara is located at Sveavägen 48, right in the heart of the inner city of Stockholm. This has been taken into account from the very beginning of the renovation project. At ground level a welcoming space has been created that invites the urban environment of the street and allows the ground floor with reception, restaurant and bar to connect in a natural way with the city life and movement outside the hotel.

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