Activity house in Stöcke

In the spring of 2022, Mötesplats Stöcke opened, a 2,500 square meter multi-purpose building outside Umeå. The meeting place's vision is to stimulate movement, health, learning, creation and sustainable development. Therefore, it was also natural to choose Orbital Shower – the world's first truly sustainable shower system.

Girl climbing rope swing
Boy holding rope on climbing wall

Today, children and young people move significantly less than 20 years ago, and in the long term, sitting still leads to poorer health and an increased risk of welfare diseases. The initiators of Mötesplats Stöcke wanted to do something about this, which became the starting point for a multi-activity center with a sports hall, gym, outdoor environments and common spaces that are all designed to promote movement and health - but also with a strong environmental focus. With so much opportunity for movement, there is a lot of sweating at Mötesplats Stöcke. Great importance has therefore been placed on fresh and functional changing rooms with Orbital Showers.

Adults and children standing and watching in sports hall

Rörelsrikedom i fokus

Mötesplats Stöcke is developed based on a method called wealth of movement, which is based on a holistic perspective on movement and health. The goal of the meeting place is also to create an arena for the entire village to gather around and meet, which gives the project a dimension of social sustainability in addition to the health and environmental benefits. The installation of the 19 Orbital Shows contributes to making Meeting Place Stöcke the first sustainable official meeting place in Västerbotten.

Linn Alexandersson, project manager Mötesplats Stöcke
- We want to communicate that water is not an infinite resource and visitors and school students will now be able to experience the positive effects Orbital Systems' products have on water consumption. We also hope that the showers will contribute to increased interest in climate and environmental issues in general.

Linn Alexandersson, project manager Mötesplats Stöcke

The innovative and sustainable shower system from Orbital Systems reduces water consumption by up to 90% and energy consumption by up to 80%, compared to a normal shower. That's a lot of water, energy and money saved right from day one when Mötesplats Stöcke opened its doors in spring 2022.

Two men talking in a shower room

- Thinking sustainably from all angles is fundamental for Mötesplats Stöcke. We strive to make as environmentally conscious choices as possible and want to be a leading example when it comes to sustainable construction. Orbital Shower takes sustainability one step further, says LinnAlexandersson at Mötesplats Stöcke.

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