Ödevata Gårdshotell

Imagine fragrant forests, beautiful lakes and red cottages - we are in the middle of the Småland idyll. Here you can get a truly climate-positive experience in at the rural hotel in Ödevata.

Sauna raft on a lake with greenery and blue summer sky
2 beds with pillows and towels on them

Ödevata Gårdshotell & Fiskecamp is a forerunner in sustainable lifestyle and tourism, constantly developing its climate-positive concept. The latest project is a comprehensive renovation of a old row of houses that has been transformed into holiday apartments for nature-loving families. And precisely in these apartments Ödevata has chosen to install Orbital Shower.

Red cottage by the lake and moored boat

Full-fledged tourist facility

Ödevata Gårdshotell is today a full-fledged tourist facility, but at the same time it is home and a real life project for the host family.

Ödevata is the image of Småland county

Malin Axelsson, Ödevata Gårdshotell & FiskeCamp
"Orbital Systems showers are what we consider to be the most sustainable and innovative product for saving water and energy on the market right now. We want to be a part of this and spread the message."

Malin Axelsson, Ödevata Gårdshotell & FiskeCamp

From the beginning, there were three large and more or less dilapidated buildings on Ödevata. One longhouse has been turned into an orangery and another longhouse was rebuilt into what is today the family's climate-smart home. The third is "Axelsson's green long line" which has been converted into holiday homes in the true spirit of recycling. This means, among other things, recycled tiles and other materials for the bathrooms that are equipped with Orbital Shower.

Black shower in bathroom with white and green tiles

- We would not have dared to make this investment in recycling a few years ago. But now we know that our guests will understand because they have followed us for many years. We have chosen completely different materials and construction techniques than during our earliest construction projects. We want to put the environment first and we know that the market is ready for a different and unique accommodation, say Malin and Magnus.

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