Sturebadet is today a modern spa housed in ancient, classic premises. It was founded as early as 1885 by the physician and Renaissance man Carl Curman. His goal was to create a business that could contribute to giving Stockholmers better health through exercise and different types of bathing.

Sturebadet reception desk
Blue swimming pool with wooden balconies next to it

Over the years, Sturebadet has been visited by royalty as well as ordinary people. Today, the bath combines its ancient history with constantly developing and modernizing the business. It now houses an advanced training facility, doctor's office, occupational health care and a well-reputed restaurant.

Fountain on stone floor with photo wallpaper with birch trees behind

The next step towards sustainability

The strategy to constantly develop also includes a clear focus on sustainability. That is why they have also chosen to install the Orbital Shower at the classic facility at Stureplan. A step that saves large amounts of water and energy compared to conventional showers. This at the same time as the bath's guests continue to enjoy long pleasant showers.

Johan Åkerlund, Operational Manager, Sturebadet
"It feels completely natural for us to take this step in our continued sustainability work. As the basis of our business revolves around water in particular, we welcome smart innovations such as the Orbital Shower with open arms"

Johan Åkerlund, Operational Manager, Sturebadet

Sturebadet has chosen to install five Orbital Shower Retrofit. This meant that the new showers could be installed without having to completely rebuild the shower rooms. Retrofit is Orbital's shower model that can be installed inside an existing waterproofing layer, an optimal solution if there is no need to carry out a complete renovation.

2 water-saving showers with white tiles and stone walls

The results have not been long in coming. During the first months of use, the Orbital Shower saved around 40,000 liters of water and 1,000 kWh per month, compared to the regular showers. This at the same time as Sturebadet's guests continue to enjoy long, lovely showers in an abundance of hot water.

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