The Hougaard family

Sanne Hougaard with her boyfriend and daughter invested in sustainability when they built a new house on Fyn in Denmark. This meant, among other things, installing solar panels but also two Orbital Showers.

Dining room with white table and white chairs
Black kitchen interior and white kitchen sink

Sanne heard about Orbital Shower on a TV program with Peter Ingemann and was immediately interested.

When they contacted Orbital, they were recommended to visit Guldsmeden Hotel Axel in Copenhagen, where Orbital Showers are installed in the hotel rooms. There, the Hougaard family could experience the Orbital Shower and see how it works in real life.

After experiencing the shower in real life and talking to representatives from Orbital, it felt like a no-brainer for the sake of the environment. That's when they made the decision to choose Orbital Showers - more specifically two showers, for their new house.

White hand shower and white panel with round controls

Water restrictions contributed to the decision

- Saving money by reducing water consumption is one thing, but we also hear more and more about the world's lack of resources. In Denmark, there is a ban on irrigation almost every summer now. These factors together convinced us to buy the showers, says Sanne.

Orbital Shower in matt white matches the gray walls

Sanne Hougaard, Denmark
“I want my daughter to grow up to be aware of how valuable our natural resources are. She and her generation will bear a much greater responsibility for the planet.”

Sanne Hougaard, Denmark

- The shower experience is no different compared to regular showers. It's exactly the same nice feeling, while we save a lot of water. Then the design is a very big bonus. It also feels good that we have been among the first private customers to choose Orbital Shower. It's something we like to talk about and show off to our guests, says Sanne.

Woman in white shirt holding mobile phone

- It's easy to think "it's just water", but there isn't actually an infinite amount. That insight made me want to do something concrete to contribute to a better environment in my own way. I want to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability, so it feels particularly good to support an innovation like this, says Sanne.

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