The Inn at Bokskogen

Next to Bokskogens Golf club you will find two beautiful old buildings that offer a unique accommodation. At The Inn at Bokskogen, you can get some rest after a day full of activities and take a long, lovely shower in the Orbital Shower.

Cyclist with blue shirt on road in forest
Aerial view of a thatched house next to a forest

The stone house with thatched roof and half-timbered house were renovated a couple of years ago. This was done with great care to preserve the original architecture of the buildings. At the same time, it was important to create a state-of-the-art and functional accommodation to make it attractive to a conscious and demanding target group. With the excellent location close to nature, it was also a a natural choice to invest in environmentally friendly solutions. This includes solar panels, rainwater tank and Orbital Shower in every room.

Room with white walls, window with curtains and a double bed

A popular accommodation

Both companies and private individuals come to The Inn at Bokskogen. It is a popular accommodation for smaller business meetings and a perfect place to stay overnight for golfers. It is also an excellent starting point for an active holiday that includes hiking or cycling in the beautiful surroundings. After an intense day with various activities, it is nice to arrive in this peaceful place and get a long nice shower, which saves water and energy while you relax.

The rooms at The Inn at Bokskogen breathe tranquility

Thomas Ahlberg, CEO Bokskogens Golfklubb
"Everyone who visits The Inn at Bokskogen is very surprised when they step inside, they don't expect it to be so modern. In one of the rooms, we saved part of an old chimney where an Orbital Shower is now installed, which many people remember after the visit."

Thomas Ahlberg, CEO Bokskogens Golfklubb

To match the clean interior of the houses, The Inn has chosen to install matt-white Orbital Shower Panel on classic white tiles. It creates a stylish environment that further contributes to the pleasant experience of a long shower. With the help of Orbital Shower, solar panels and the utilization of rainwater, The Inn at Bokskogen significantly reduces its climate footprint, while overnight guests can enjoy state-of-the-art accommodation.

Hand shower and white panel with blue control on white tiled wall

The golf club is of course most visited during the summer, but many would agree that the beech forest is at its most beautiful during in spring or crisp autumn days when the trees are bursting with color and the clear, fresh air is perfect for activities close to nature.

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