The Prag family

The Prag family thrives in their brick villa from the 50s. When the second child arrived, they quickly became a bit too crowded and were faced with the choice of moving or rebuilding. Because they loved the area so much, they chose to rebuild completely and at the same time took the opportunity to put in an Orbital Shower.

Gray corner sofa next to the fireplace
Kitchen with white cabinet doors and built-in microwave

The family consists of Micke and Jenny and the children Anton, 7 years old, and Axel, 3.5 years old. They have for a period lived in something of a construction chaos as the rebuilding of the house became quite extensive once all the wishes had been sketched out.

The house has been expanded with a completely new part, the old kitchen was completely removed and a new kitchen has been built in another part of the house. In addition to this connections for running water and electricity has been set up for the new part of the house.

When the family was faced with a new bathroom project, they felt that now was the time to really choose Orbital Shower. Because it's not that often in life that you completely renovate a bathroom.

Black shower head behind glass doors

Stylish bathroom in light beige and black

The family had a strong desire to create as stylish a bathroom as possible, without too many disturbing details. Therefore, the family has chosen light beige tiles for both floor and walls, glass doors with clean lines and black details to enhance the stylish impression. ‍

For that, they chose a black Orbital Shower Panel model, where Core is installed inside the shower space behind a matte black door. ‍

Waterborne underfloor heating throughout the bathroom and tight-fitting glass doors around the shower area help Orbital Shower maximize recycling.​​

Orbital Shower rain shower in matte black design

Micke Prag, Sweden
"My personal interest right now is to see how we can maximize recycling. There are quite a fes simple tricks that allow you to save even more water and energy."

Micke Prag, Sweden

The kids also love the Orbital Shower. However, there were some doubts when the eldest son came to school and enthusiastically told everyone that he had a gaming platform in the shower at home. Probably no one believed it, but thought that it was "just a child fantasizing".

Black door and black hand shower on a beige wall

Micke is an engineer and carefully follows the statistics in My Water App.‍

-My personal interest right now is to see how to maximize recycling. There are some simple little tricks that allow you to save even more water and energy. One thing that is both pleasant and helps the recycling to start faster is to pour some hot water on the shower floor before you turn on the shower, says Micke.

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