The red barn

To create extra space for long-distance guests, the Karlsson family chose to build a separate guest house on their property in Norra Grönby, Skåne. Right from the start, it was natural for them to make as many energy-efficiently choices as possible.

red house with patio and garden furniture
Tomato plant with ripe red tomatoes

When Markus Karlsson and his family had decided that they wanted to build a separate guest house, they needed to decide on what type of house the wanted. The ambition was to create a home that blends into the rural environment where they live. The choice therefore fell on a classic barn with a gabled roof, painted entirely in "falu rödfärg". The result is a straight and stylish house with a common space, a large and a small bedroom and a large, lovely patio.

Hall with open front door and view towards the kitchen table

Energy-efficient solutions

Since Markus is interested in both the latest technology and new, environmentally friendly solutions, it was natural to think energy-efficiently throughout the entire construction. That's where the Orbital Shower came into the picture, as it is a shower that not only saves water, but also energy by purifying and recirculating the hot water.

The red barn is a straight and stylish house

Markus Karlsson, Sweden
- I think Orbital Shower is a great system with sound environmental thinking. Strange, really, that it hasn't come sooner.

Markus Karlsson, Sweden

The people who have planned, designed and built the red barn are Orbital Projects. This is Orbital's own project organization with broad and deep competence in both construction and plumbing. Orbital Projects is located in Skåne, Stockholm and Copenhagen and can help with all types of projects including, of course, the installation of Orbital Shower.

Armchair, coffee table and magazine rack

Everyone in the family is very happy to have chosen Orbital Shower. The older guests were just a little nervous at first because this was something completely new to them. But it quickly passed as soon as they started using the shower. The next step in making the red barn even more environmentally friendly was taken during the summer, when the roof was equipped with solar panels to supply the house with self-produced electricity.

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