Wangeskog is a Swedish company with around thirty local rental centers that cater to the professional market in construction, industry and energy. The company's business concept results in more efficient use of resources as more people can share machines and equipment, which reduces total consumption.

Corridor with white walls and doors and dining table in the background
Dining room with chairs, table and large windows

Wangeskog has identified five sustainability goals based on the UN's 17 global goals, where the company can contribute to more sustainable development. The goals are about social and economic sustainability, as well as environmental sustainability in energy, production and consumption.

Black shower on green herringbone patterned tile

Orbital Shower promotes sustainable living

One of Wangeskog's latest initiatives is the installation of Orbital Shower at its premises in Trelleborg, which is part of the company's wider endeavor to reduce its environmental impact and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. It is of course also a way to work with social sustainability in the workplace by offering the opportunity to take a nice shower at work while saving water and energy.

Green tile in herringbone pattern in nice contrast to Orbital Shower in matte black

Solid materials have been chosen for the shower room. Beautiful green marble on the floor, while the walls are covered with green tiles in a herringbone pattern. This is matched with the Orbital Shower in matte black.

Black hand shower, diverter and Control Dial on green tiled wall

The investment in an Orbital Shower is just one example of Wangeskog's commitment to reducing its climate impact and promoting sustainability. The company has adopted several other sustainability measures, including the use of recycled materials in its production, energy efficiency in its production facilities and constantly striving to reduce its footprint on the environment.

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