BRABO invests in circular systems

12 april 2024

Stockholm, Sweden.The family-owned housing company BRABO has a strong presence in the Stockholm area and a clear sustainability profile. An example of this is one of the company's latest projects, a rental property in Väsby Park north of Stockholm, where Orbital Showers have been installed in a number of selected apartments.

Through its parent company, Mattssons Fastighetsutveckling, BRABO has already taken steps towards changing the way the real estate industry thinks about sustainability. Ten Orbital Showers have previously been installed in the group's commercial property projects in Norrköping.

As a leading property company, BRABO has realized that the industry accounts for a large proportion of Sweden's emissions. Therefore, they have set clear goals to reduce their climate impact and strive to become climate neutral by 2030. This means that all their projects starting from 2030 must be certified according to Zero-CO2 or similar standards.

BRABO has identified four important areas where they can make a positive impact. First and foremost, they invest in sustainability at all levels. Solar cells are installed on the roofs of their buildings to generate their own electricity, which not only makes the properties self-sufficient, but also provides financial benefits for investing in solar energy.

Eco-smart kitchens are another important item on BRABO's agenda. Together with the Finnish kitchen supplier Puustelli, they have developed innovative kitchens that not only have a modern design, but are also durable and recyclable.

Third, BRABO also actively compensates for its climate emissions by planting trees. Through the Plan Vivo-certified ArBolivia tree planting project in Bolivia, they compensate for 30 tons of CO2 per apartment built. This initiative not only supports the climate, but also helps small farmers and promotes biodiversity.

And finally, BRABO has also taken circular sustainability to a new level by installing the Orbital Shower in a rental property. Orbital's circular shower system saves large amounts of water and energy and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.By integrating innovation and sustainable solutions in its projects, BRABO shows that it is possible to build a more sustainable future, one step at a time.

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