Kivikshusen under way

12 april 2024

In the heart of Österlen Kivikshusen are currently being built.With sustainability, unique architecture and high-quality materials as guiding stars, Stad Studio and Sätoftagruppen are creating a seaside residence with Orbital Shower as a natural part of the project.

With a view to the sea, 900 meters to the beach and 700 meters to the harbor, 28 houses are now being completed in 2 stages. Move-in begins during summer and continues until fall.

The project has a clear environmental focus. The houses are built entirely of wood, a durable and environmentally friendly natural material that is both renewable and emits significantly less CO2 than other materials. Wood also provides a pleasant indoor climate regardless of the weather.

In Österlen, where water shortage is always a threat during summer, it is also a challenge to make water last longer. Therefore, Orbital Shower is included in the project as an option. The majority of residents have chosen this solution from the beginning, to be able to save both water and reduce their energy costs with the help of Orbital's recirculating shower.

There has been a lot of interest in the unique Kivikshusen, which can function as both holiday homes and permanent residences.

- I have not seen such a large pre-notified interest in any new production earlier. We are incredibly happy about how the project has been received by local Kiviks residents as well as people living in other places around the country, says Thim Falk, real estate agent and project manager at Bjurfors Nyproduktion.

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