Orbital Shower in eco certified houses

12 april 2024

22 eco-certified houses on Gotland.The new houses at Skogsnyckeln are part of the new climate-smart holiday destination Vidhave on Gotland.

Nova Nature Group, which has built the 22 Nordic Ecolabelled houses, has chosen a new path in terms of operations. Homeowners are given greater opportunities to influence their own energy and water consumption.

Orbital is a proud partner and all the houses have been equipped with the market's only circular shower solution - Orbital Shower. All the houses are sold and it is time to move in at the beginning of 2022.

Vidhave is the new name for the seaside area outside Visby where Snäck Camping was previously located. The area is beautifully set among Gotland pines and the 22 eco-certified wooden houses all have views of the sea. With Vildhave, Nova Nature Group wants to create a new culture around vacation homes with a minimal environmental footprint, and in the next five years a lot will happen here.

Saving the world's resources, and especially water, is an important contribution to a more sustainable future. Vidhave is further proof of people's desire to live sustainably, both in everyday life and on holiday. Now that Nova Nature Group has chosen Orbital as a partner and installed Orbital Shower in all houses, the project is added to a growing number of private homes, hotels and sports facilities, all of which already save millions of liters of water every year.

Members of Brf Skogsnyckeln are responsible for their own costs for indoor climate and water. This creates incentives for conscious and sustainable ownership. By installing Orbital Shower, owners can save up to 90% of water consumption and 80% of energy consumption. This is how a sustainable holiday home is created that has a future for itself.

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