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Orbital Shower in new life science center

Jun 21, 2023

In Hagastaden north of Stockholm, Forskaren is currently growing. It is an innovative property that will become a new hub for knowledge exchange and collaboration between world-leading players in healthcare, research and business.

Forskare nwill become a unique property which goal is to promote new innovations in life science and health tech. The property will be a total of 24,000 m2 and will accommodate offices and large common areas. At street level, the house will be open to the public and offer spaces for exhibitions and events.

The company behind the project is Vectura, whose business concept is to develop, manage and own sustainable and innovative properties. Vectura works in close cooperation with the different stakeholders in the area. With its close connection to the Wallenberg sphere, the company also has a historical commitment to medical scientific research, which fits well with the Forskaren project.

Round building with balconies stairs and trees on the inside

IDuring the project, Vectura has stayed in close contact with people in business, care, research, architecture, art and living in the area, in order to create an environment where innovations and collaboration can flourish.

As a result of the collaboration with the various actors, extra focus has been put on the common spaces, with sustainability as an important part of the project. This includes offering tenants the opportunity to shower during the work day. Orbital Showers are therefore installed on the premises, which make it possible to take long, lovely showers and at the same time save both water and energy.

Large house with light-let balconies and trees in the middle

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Jun 21, 2023

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