QubeZero – sustainable housing of the future

12 april 2024

Welcome to QubeZero – a tiny house built for #UIA2023 at Bellacenter in Copenhagen.QubeZero is built with AQUNE Smart Panels and is based on a combination of upcycling and green technology, which includes the Orbital Shower. QubeZero shows us the future of sustainable living.

QubeZero is built using AQUNE's smart panels, which are based on sustainable principles. The panels are made of compressed polyurethane and recycled parts from wind turbine blades. Materials that would otherwise be difficult to reuse in a productive way.

QubeZero shows how we can transform waste and leftover materials into something that is both aesthetic and functional. QubeZero is a clear example of how innovative power can create a sustainable future without compromising on quality or design.

QubeZero is completely adapted for year-round living. The way the house is built, and the materials that have beennchosen prevent the development of mold and rot. It is a very robust construction that is at the same time lightweight, which makes it suitable for mounting on ground screws. This further reduces the house's climate footprint.

The project is a collaboration where several partners have committed to create a better future for all of us by contributing various environmentally friendly solutions, of which Orbital Shower has been a natural part.​​

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