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Guldsmeden Hotels

Guldsmeden Hotels offer a unique eco luxury experience with strong focus on sustainability, including saving water and energy with the worlds first circular showers — Orbital Shower.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Guldsmeden Bryggen,
Guldsmeden Axel
Pilot order
Eight Orbital Showers, 2018
Second order
211 units, 2019
Third order
213 units, 2023
In addition to the showers saving water and energy, Orbital Showers have also become part of the hotel chain's marketing and a real talking point among guests. Not particularly surprising, according to Guldsmeden - apart from the savings, it was the high level of comfort that felt right. It fits perfectly with Guldsmeden's own ambition to offer a sustainable experience without compromising quality or comfort in any way.

Already in 2018, 8 Orbital Showers were installed at Hotel Axel in Copenhagen. They save an average of 42-65 liters of water and use 55-57% less energy than a normal shower. When you saw how well the Orbital Shower was received by the hotel’s guest it was obvious to take this further to more Guldsmeden hotels.
"The reception get lots of comments about how cool it is that we, as a hotel, are also at the forefront when it comes to technical solutions for sustainability. Not to mention the comfort - everyone thinks it's fantastic that you can be environmentally smart while taking a really nice and warm shower."
Kirsten Aggersborg
PR & Communications Manager,
Guldsmeden Hotels

Sustainability guides all Guldsmeden Hotel’s decisions

Sustainability is the core of Guldsmeden operations. No decision is made without having defined their sustainability angle first. Their goal is to offer guests a wonderful stay with as little negative environmental impact as possible.
Guldsmeden Bryggen in central Copenhagen 211 rooms decorated in their signature Nordics-meet-Bali style. All rooms are equipped with Orbital Shower.
Guldsmeden Axel in central Copenhagen 212 rooms, including four penthouses, each featuring its own rooftop terrace and bathtub. In 2018, they installed eight Orbital showers, which ultimately inspired them to introduce these showers at Guldsmeden Bryggen.

Orbital shower in use

The Orbital Shower purifies and recirculates water, allowing you to enjoy long luxurious showers while saving water, energy, and CO2 emissions. You can shower as long as you want using only 15 - 20 liters of water, whereas a non-recirculating shower uses at least 100 liters. This way, up to 90% of water, 80% of energy, and CO2 emissions are reduced by 70% compared to a conventional shower.

The graph shows water recirculation (%) versus shower duration (min). Each point represents a weekly average at different installation sites. The longer you shower the more you save.
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Earth’s first circular shower