A smoother revolution

It is possible to reduce our consumption of water and energy without changing our lifestyle completely

Fjällandskap med sjö och fyra vandrare

Fresh water is already in short supply in many areas - including our part of the world. Soon the demand for water will be significantly greater than the supply. The WHO recommends a daily water consumption per person of 50–100 liters. In the Nordics, each person uses around 140 liters of water per day. At Orbital, our goal is to reduce this to 20 liters per day.

Daily water use per person (Sweden)

Personal hygiene

60 l

Toilet flushing

30 l


15 l


15 l

Food and drinks

10 l


10 l


140 liters

Vågor på blått vatten

Technology is key

We need advanced technology for more efficient use of water in our homes. In addition to finding ways to reduce water waste, solutions must be cost effective, convenient to use and attractive to consumers.

This is the mindset behind our first product, Orbital Shower, the world's first circular shower system. Without sacrificing efficiency, cleanliness, or a pleasant shower experience, we created a system with built-in purification and sensor technologies.

Hand håller i stålfärgat lock med Orbital LogotypVitt duschhuvud som sprutar vatten

The ultimate shower experience

Although most of us can see the benefits of making more sustainable choices, changing our habits can be tricky. People are naturally reluctant to sacrifice comfort.

This is why we have made sure that Orbital Shower is not just as good as a conventional shower, but better. It offers a higher water flow than most showers, stable pressure, precise temperature and superior cleanliness.

“To achieve behavioral change, you have to find sustainable solutions that don’t feel like a sacrifice to customers.”

Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, founder and CEO

Orbitals VD Mehrdad Mahdjoubi

Orbital Shower cleans and recirculates the water in your shower so that you always get plenty of water at exactly the right temperature. You even get higher water pressure than in a conventional shower, giving you an experience out of the ordinary. At the same time, you save both water and energy.

Man vid tält och kanot på klippa i solnedgång

Made in Sweden

We love our active lifestyle, and part of that is long, luxurious showers. Orbital was founded to save water without having to sacrifice the things we love.

From 140 to 20 liters of water

Orbital Shower allows us to reduce the daily water consumption from 140 to 100 liters per person (example from the Nordics). But this is only the beginning.

Our next product, the Orbital Tap, takes the used water from the sink and reuses it to flush the toilet. In this way, you can reuse 100% of the drinking water that would otherwise be flushed directly down the drain.

With the Orbital technology connected to even more areas of use, our vision is that each individual should be able to reduce their water consumption to 20 liters per day.