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Imagine the perfect shower

Experience high flow showering while conserving water.
20 liters is all you need.

Rund kontroll med text 72.4 litres saved på sandfärgad vägg
Kvinna som duschar och håller händerna för ansiktet
Black and blu round control with text 115.7 litres saved on black wet walll

Long, luxurious showers
without wasting water

Now accepting U.S. and European

"Shower of the future washes you with water from your past"

"The shower of the future cuts water waste to almost nothing"

"Futuristic water-recycling shower cuts bills by over $1,000"

"NASA’s Mars mission inspires out of this world shower design"

Handdusch med slang och svart öppen lucka på vit vägg

How it works

Orbital Shower cleans and recirculates water in real time.
You get a first-class shower experience with precise temperature
and high pressure, while saving water and energy.


Reserve your
Orbital Shower

Reserve now and choose your specific design before it ships.

The Orbital Shower package includes a shower head, hand shower, hose and diverter, shower drain, Control Dial and our unique Core technology.

Now accepting U.S. and European reservations

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