Orbital Bathroom

Elevated daily rituals with superior water comfort.

Smart use of our water on Earth.

A new innovation, reducing consumption of water and energy. Increasing quality of life.Learn more->

Orbital Shower

Earth's first circular shower.An investment in our planet, and in yourself.

Orbital Tap

Tap into a new standard. The intuitive, circular tap system.

Smart use of water.

Leading today’s change for tomorrow’s water.
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How we do it

Technology for highest comfort

Save energy and water

Fresh water is already in short supply in many areas - including our part of the world. Soon the demand for water will be significantly greater than the supply.

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Explore Orbital destinations

Some of the most interesting Nordic destinations offer their guests a unique experience.

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Guilt-free water use

A smoother revolution. It is possible to reduce our consumption of water and energy without changing our lifestyle completely.

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Orbital Shower

Quality water experience without sacrificing energy efficiency or environmental responsibility.

Orbital Tap

It saves 100% of the water from your tap and reuses it to flush the toilet, preventing water waste.

Experience Orbital

We currently have showrooms and retailers in Sweden and Denmark. Discover Orbital Shower on your own, or contact us to book a demo.